Once Upon a Time…

…there was a young boy who loved dreaming things up and making them as art. Crafting stories through perfected illustrations…oh, he would spend hours and days playing to piece together just the right mixed up balance of ideas.


Friends and family were thrilled watching the boy’s imagination soar. He fielded many requests to make things. Posters, cards, comics, and oh so much more. Never was he happier than when he was creating things for other children.


Days, months, and years traveled by, as they always must, and the young boy became an older boy, eventually a teenager, and finally a man. With the passage of time, many changes took place, as they always will. He went to college, started a profession, became a husband and a father. Through all the trials and triumphs of life, art remained a constant.


In fact, if it wasn’t for art, he wouldn’t have had much of a life at all. You see, art was responsible for his education. Art was the foundation on which his career was built. Art provided for his family. Although it took many different forms that he never would have dreamt, he created every single day in many different ways.


The fun of creating as a young boy never ceased resonating with him. He would often easily recall the joy he brought to his fellow children with his creations.


And that brings us to today. That young boy was, and still is, me. And through Play and Dream I continue to create for the young as well as the young at heart.